The truth is there’s no “innocent” version of lust. When we treat lust lightly, we’re making a grave mistake. Jesus didn’t treat it lightly at all. “If your right eye causes you to sin,” he said, “gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matthew 5:29). And the sin he’s using such extreme language to emphasize? “I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman [or a man] lustfully has already committed adultery with her [or him] in his [or her] heart” (5:28).

Jesus doesn’t just call us to cut back on lust or merely avoid the “worst” forms of it; he calls us to a no-eyecandy diet. Lust is to have absolutely no part of our way of thinking and living. That’s a tall order! But God doesn’t leave you to combat lust on your own—he’s with you, providing the power to overcome temptation and the avenues to escape it. As you read through this download, invite God to challenge you, convict you, and equip you. Prepare yourself so you can honor him the next time you’re tempted by seemingly harmless “eye candy.”

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Not Exactly Harmless . . .
by Kelli B. Trujillo

Leader’s Guide
How to use “Lust" for a group study.

Desire Happens
You see, you want. Then what?
by Agnieszka Tennant

Affairs of the Mind
Why romantic brain candy isn’t all that sweet
by Linda LaMar Jewell

Dirty Little Secret
Men aren’t the only ones lured by internet porn.
by Ramona Richards

My Secret Struggle
Three single women describe their battle with lust and pornography.

Cut the Bleep Out
It’s healthy to revisit how you censor entertainment.
by Lindsey Learn

Playing with Fire
As my marriage cooled, I was tempted by my coworker’s advances. How far was I willing to go?
by Jan Wilson

Additional Resources
Books to help you further

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