Discipline with Confidence


Do you second-guess yourself at every turn when it comes to how and when to discipline your child? Many parents feel inadequate and that they've run out of effective discipline tools. Use this guide to help navigate this often-tricky terrain and increase your confidence in one of your most important jobs as a parent.

A collection of Bible-based articles and resources to use for yourself or with a group of other women.

Introduction: Plum Out of Punishments
As we ran late for preschool, I realized I was out of discipline options, so I let my cranky son call the shots. Feeling clueless and powerless, I looked for—and found—some help.
by Caryn Rivadeneira

Tailor-Made Discipline
Knowing your child’s stage can eliminate much of the guesswork from developing an effective discipline strategy. Here are ways to guide your child’s behavior with strategies for every age and stage.
by Karen Miller, with Kevin A. Miller

The Power of Consequences
While punishment deals with past misdeeds, consequences shape future behavior. Here’s how developing logical consequences and offering choices can help your child grow.
by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Power-Packed Words
Christ knew a thing or two about changing hearts with his words. Here’s how you can follow his example and help your kids obey.
by Grace P. Chou

Post-Discipline Distance
If you feel like you’re constantly punishing your child and it’s leaving you feeling distant and unloving, don’t despair. You can correct your child and maintain a close, loving bond.
by Dr. Todd Cartmell

Am I Expecting Too Much?
To be able to discipline your child effectively and appropriately, it’s essential you understand what you should be able to expect. Here are 6 questions to determine what is reasonable to ask from your children.
by Elizabeth Moll Stalcup

Establishing Ground Rules
When your family rules grow out of biblical absolutes, your approach to conflicts and consequences will be transformed.
by Dr. Rick Fowler & Jerilyn Fowler

Military Secrets to Good Discipline
5 ways to put the discipline know-how of the U.S. Armed Forces to work for the good in your family.
by Jennifer Mangan

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